The Music in my Head

 Mixed Media by Barbara Willard Marden

Artist’s Statement


My primary media is embroidery, but I also do art journaling as a personal art form. There are as many kinds of art journals as there are people who do them, but for those not familiar with the term, it is usually combining words and images in some kind of book or sketchbook form.

When Borderland Arts entered into this partnership with the Marquette Poet’s Group, nothing was immediately coming to mind that I wanted to express through embroidery or that could be done in the required time frame given the fact that embroidery can be a time-intensive process.  However, the “music in my head” idea showed up as something that could be rendered with some of the techniques I have learned from my exploration of art journaling, in this case though Tamara LaPorte’s annual year-long online program called Life Book available through  Willowing Arts.

Flute Concerto in G Major - Johann Quantz
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"The Music in My Head"  is a poem by M. E. Kilpatrick in response to The Music in My Head by Barbara Willard MardenClick on the button to learn about the author.

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