Dawn in the Camps

Mixed Media

by Christine Burns

Paintings Inspired by Poetry

by:  Christine Burns


 I was drawn to the writings of Esther Margaret Ayers.  Her poetic visions played vividly in my mind.  As her words unfolded so did the plan for my paintings.  “Dawn in the Camps”, brought me to a place that I so dearly love; those magical moments ushering in the birth of a new day.  I could feel the night’s air coming alive with the freshness and promise of a glorious site.  The chirping of the birds with the first light began a new symphony.  The night was fleeting and new life was awakening. 

I humbly submit my painting “Dawn in the Camps” with much thanks to Esther Margaret Ayers.


dawn in the camps - Esther Margaret Ayers
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Dawn in the Camps by Christine Burns was Inspired by the Poem

"dawn in the camps"

by Esther Margaret Ayers. Click on the button to learn more about the author.

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