Kathy Kuczek

Visit my website to learn more and see my portfolio: 

Website: http://kathykuczek.com

10 Random things about me …

in no particular order

  1. Born and raised in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan

  2. Have an Associates Degree – Graphic Design

  3. Author – Illustrator

  4. Favorite Dr Seuss book – The Sneetches

  5. Lived amongst the Trolls for 15 years

  6. Favorite colors – blue, teal, purple … anything but orange

  7. Love working with CSS – HTML

  8. Perfect temperature is 84 degrees

  9. Not a fan of grasshoppers or junebugs

  10. Won Best of Show at the Waterfront Art Festival & Art For All

Click on the images for more details about the artwork

Symphony in Reverie.jpg
Kathy Kuczek.jpg
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