Goin' in The Bach Door

 Watercolor and Ink

 by Terry O'Connor

Artist’s Statement

Goin’ In The Bach Door

 For J. S. Bach and Esther Margaret Ayers


In a century you could not have imagined

that I once regularly played the music of

J. S. Bach when I was working at a Boston

classical music radio station.


In two centuries you could not imagine that

my wife and I—on one of our many trips to

Deutschland—found ourselves in Eisenach,

Germany, in the home where Bach was born.


In three centuries you could not imagine that

a wonderful woman (a hostess or docent) not

only was our guide but played some of Johann’s

tunes on an original clavier and a harpsichord.


In four centuries you could not imagine I would

create a watercolor painting of the Bach Haus.


                                     Terry O’Connor

Goin' in The Bach Door by Terry O'Connor is a response to the poem "Prelude and Fugue In Early Spring" by Esther Margaret AyersClick on the button to learn about the author.

Prelude and Fugue in Early Spring - Esther Margaret Ayers
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