La Mer- Dawn to Noon

Photography by Stella Hansen

Inspired by Claude Debussy's La Mer Movement 1



The Sea has always been a second home to me, and the pounding surf continues to draw me in.  La Mer by Claude Debussy pulls me in as well. La Mere is also French for the mother, and it was through my mother that I came to know and love the sea.   Throughout my life I have been drawn to the sea side and will always think of it as home. 


The serene first nocturne represents from “Dawn to Noon” which is the awakening of the waves.  The first photo shows morning light reflected in the sand and shore.


The second movement is a “Play of the Waves” as is illustrated by the central photo.  I have spent many hours frolicking at the seaside, laughing with the waves, and tumbling to the shore. 


The third movement is “Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea.” This final movement is represented by a picture of wind and waves that says together we bring joy.


Stella Hansen

Dawn to Noon - Debussy
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"La Mer - Dawn to Noon" , a poem M.E. Kilpatrick, is a response to  La Mer - Dawn to Noon by Stella Hansen. Click on the button to learn about the author.

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