Terry O'Connor

Graphite and Gouache Drawing by Terry O'Connor

Terry O’Connor is a native New Englander, but without the accent.  He lost that eastern way of speaking after college when he began a dozen years in broadcasting as an announcer, disc jockey, news director, play-by-play sportscaster, station manager, and as a talk radio host in Boston, Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut.


              His professional life took a U-turn when he founded a multi-media company.  For thirty years, his firm engaged in advertising, marketing, graphic design and publishing.


              His personal life has taken many turns including an abiding love of the outdoors, backpacking, wilderness camping, and ocean sailing; and a life-long involvement in ice hockey including playing semi-pro hockey, coaching, and as a team owner.  He is an inveterate traveler, a fervid reader, a sometimes artist, and fumbles through numerous other pursuits, which he enjoys in quiet wonderment.  He used to be indecisive, now he’s not so sure.


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