Part of the Permanent Collection at Bay College-West, Iron Mountain

 Pastel by Darlene Strand

Artist’s Statement

While painting in the studio, music is always playing, giving an inspirational background to whatever is in the creation process.  Gaia—the particular piece I am sharing with you today was the result of deep concern over this dear Earth we all share.  The words of the song Gaia sung by James Taylor helped me think of a backpacking young woman able to sit on the moon looking out into Space at Earth.  What might she see?  Beauty—but  at closer look—animals  and sea life in difficulty, flowers battling garbage and junkyards, forests whole and burning, so much else.  What can she do?  What can we do?  Lost in thought while appreciating the aurora borealis and the stars . . .


                                                               Darlene Strand

Gaia - James Taylor
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"I Forgive You World" is a poem by Gala Malherbe in response to Gaia by Darlene Strand. Click on the button to learn about the author.

I Forgive You World - Gala Malherbe
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