Cyndi Safstrom

I have done art of some kind all of my life.  Even while obtaining a degree in molecular biology and pursuing a career in science, I still found the time to explore various art mediums.  Perhaps because of my interest in science, I love investigating new art techniques and finding out the best way to achieve my desired effect though experimentation.

Over the years, my artistic interests have evolved.  For at least a decade, I was involved in creating specialized dollhouse miniatures – unusual items not generally found through mass-market sources.  I also created a number of miniature room displays.  I had begun to sculpt some figures to use in some of my displays, and one day, I decided to create the  doll of a friend of mine who was a popular YouTuber at the time.  He shared a video of it, and soon other YouTubers wanted dolls of themselves, too.  That’s how Be A Doll was born.
Now over 10 years later, I still love sculpting faces and creating figures that make people happy.  I also get to create many of my dolls (at least when the weather is warm) by a lake in the beautiful woods of the Michigan Upper Peninsula.  

Visit my website to see my work and learn more about my process:

Click on the image for more details about the artwork

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