Oil by Jane Landwehr

Artist’s Statement


Dawn was inspired by Greig’s Dawn from Peer Gynt Suite.  The scene is built from a sketch of the Pitons in St. Lucia, where my son and his family lived for many years.  We were blessed to have spent many visits to these mountain peaks and they became the focus of several paintings.  Painting along with music is a regular practice in my studio so it was a joy to make the music a focal point of this painting as well as a memory of a beautiful place.  I painted the rhythm of the notes as well as the rising and falling of the melody while visualizing the rising light of dawn over the horizon

Dawn Peer Gynt Suite 1 - Grieg
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"Dawn" is a poem by Gala Malherbe  in response to Dawn by Jane Landwehr. Click on the button to learn about the author.

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