Mixed Media, 

Pastels, Medium & Acrylic Paint

by Darlene Strand

Artist’s Statement


“Fiddleheads” is based on excerpts from the poem "Prelude and Fugue in Early Spring" by Esther Margaret Ayers.  Here are the excerpts:

“At the first note a fiddlehead fern

lifts a green scroll, calls others,

who come, curled and ancient, who pause

in new light upon their stems, trembling—

these who cannot travel but expand, rooted

in a music like sap, which must rise.”


“We hold our breaths

as ferns unfurl, fronds spread,

hands join here at the end,

the beginning: only us now,

rain, and the sun,

which fall and shine on the evil

and the good.”



                 Darlene Strand

Fiddleheads by Darlene Strand is a response to the poem "Prelude and Fugue in Early Spring" by Esther Margaret Ayers. Click on the button to learn about the author.

Prelude and Fugue in Early Spring - Esther Margaret Ayers
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